Leif Bloomquist has been experimenting with technology and music since the days of the Commodore 64. Classically trained in clarinet and percussion, he now composes using sequencing software and homebuilt hardware. He also dabbles in wearable technology, open-source hardware, and gaming.  

When not creating experimental music, Leif is a senior engineer at MDA, an aerospace company best known for their work on the Canadarm. He holds a BASc in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo.

“Jamming Signal” was the stage name adopted by Leif and Jph Wacheski when performing together at various experimental music events circa 2002-2004.

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  1. Dear Leif,

    I’m part of a group of Brazilian Apple II enthusiast and we have came across your “Telnet BBS Server” project although the links to the project appeared to be broken.

    Is this project still going on? Any new versions (the latest we could get was the 1.4a) with other implementations? Are the files for it available anywhere else?

    It would be great to hear from you and learn on where this has led…

    Our best regards,


  2. Hi Leif,
    I couldn’t use the link anymore to the stereoinsid.d81 image…..
    Can you bring all those old files back please? 🙂

  3. Hi. I am currently writing a C64 Hardware book and have many Questions to Mad Science for the Commodore 64 and all you develloped for the C64 or you have knowledge of. Please get in touch with me soon. The book should be released in November.
    holgerwessling add web.de
    I will answer with many more Info about the book.
    Greetings Holger

  4. Dear Leif

    I am trying to use your Point Visualizer in Visual Studio 2015. The problem is that even though it is ‘built’ and ‘running’ the Ogre Forms Window does not show on the screen and it looks as if nothing is running. Any ideas what is going wrong?

    Many thanks Steve

  5. Hello Leif, I’m the lead engineer on the MEGA65 (mega65.org), and it would be interesting to make MEGA65-compatible versions of your networked C64 games (mostly it would be a case of supporting the MEGA65 ethernet controller, which while different to the RR-NET is very simple to drive). Drop me a line some time if this sounds interesting.

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